“An integrated healing platform for those suffering from acute, chronic, and persistent illnesses, merging spirit (energy) and the body.”

Systemic Vital Point Therapy (Siddha Varma Healing)

Systemic Vital Point Therapy is the modern translation of Siddha Varma Healing, which is the ancient science describing a number of spots all over the human body that hold vital importance in the holistic functioning of the living organism.  These “vital points”, or “Varmams”, can also be described as the connecting junctions or intersections of the vital life force,  where consciousness meets matter and are psychophysical, not gross in nature.

Systemic Vital Point Therapy (Varma Science) hails from the Siddha medicinal  system, the oldest in India and until now has never been released beyond it’s shores.  It has in fact been kept hidden like other Siddha traditions, spreading down the generations only by word of mouth from Master to disciple creating a long and revered traditional oral lineage.  The ancient art belonging to the tradition of the Tamil Siddhas now steps in to the United States, with the hope and determination of healing the hearts, minds and bodies of children, men and women suffering chronic or acute diseases and giving them a healthy life to look forward to.


Unlike other “alternative” or energy based systems like acupuncture, Reikei, Rolfing, Cranio-sacral, Marma points, massage, and the others, Systemic Vital Point Therapy differs not only in the locations of the healing points, even more profound, the principle of healing itself runs deeper, demanding a higher responsibility.  Thus, it could not commonly spread like the other dimensions.  It is the most vital manner of healing available as the therapy takes access to the most primal life energy within human form.

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