Siddha Varma Healing (Systemic Vital Point Therapy and Vital Energy Healing) is the most ancient tradition of healing, hails from Tamil Nadu in South India and has it’s origins from the Siddha tradition.  The term Siddha is defined as “accomplished” or “perfected” and it’s root word in Tamil is “chit”  or consciousness. Thus Chittar (Siddha) is one who abides as pure consciousness, denoting one who is perfected.  Their hallmark is one of both extreme secrecy and humbleness.

Existing since time immemorial they are the well spring and masters of all forms of healing, medicine, yoga, tantra, martial arts, alchemy, astrology and life science.  The Siddha lineage is the first and most ancient lineages of pre-historic India flourishing well before the Vedic age.  Being the originators of all yogic practices and Healing arts these spiritual scientists are known as the Tamil Siddhas. The vast spectrum of Healing in the Siddha system reaches it’s pinnacle within the science of the wisdom and art of practice known as Varma (Thanuology).  It surpasses all realms of energy healing, therapeutic and medicinal applications in both efficacy and possibilities.  Unknown to other systems of healing it contains the ability to reach and heal all aspects and levels of a person including the various physical, subtle and causal bodies, primordial patterns (memories) including both individual and collective (genetic disorders).  It has ever been a rare art as Varma science is kept hidden spreading down the generations only through an oral tradition from Master to disciple creating a long and revered lineage.

18 Tamil Siddhas

Tamil Siddhas

The vital forces that are affected by Siddha Varma Healing encompass the various energies that create and sustain human form and are variously known as prana, chi, dasa vayus, etc.   As the different  frequencies of life forces move to create and sustain all functions of the body and mind they invariably intersect and here they are contracted, expanded, enforced, revitalized and propelled, all in a beautifully intelligent manner.  These very junctures of the life forces that compose, enliven and sustain the human organism are themselves termed as Varma Points.  These “vital points” can also be described as the connecting junctions or intersections of the vital life force,  where consciousness meets matter and are psychophysical, not gross in nature.

The ancient art belonging to the tradition of the Tamil Siddhas now steps in to the United States, with the hope and determination of healing the hearts, minds and bodies of children, men and women suffering chronic or acute diseases and giving them a healthy life to look forward to.